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Our whirlpool foot bath with sea salt pampers your tired feet and enlivens the senses. A paraffin bath to hydrate and stimulate circulation is followed by a relaxing foot and leg massage with warm moisturizing lotion and a warm towel. The final touch is polishing the toenails.
Like a "Facial" for your feet. It starts with a chocolate pack to smooth and moisturize the skin and a callus eliminator treatment to soften and repair dry, cracked, and callused heels. Next, indulge your feet with a deep exfoliation treatment with apricot kernels and a creamy buttermilk scrub followed by a relaxing foot and calf massage with lavender oil and hot stone.

Take a walk on the shore with our marine derived products from Creative. Your feet will feel soft, moisturized and cool for hours. It's a great summer treatment for tire feet. This luxurious treatment begins with a marine masque and callus eliminator treatment and is followed by a sea rock foot soak, sea salt scrub, sea serum, cucumber heel therapy, and end with a relaxing extra 10 minutes of reflexology.

Green Tea is packed with health and beauty benefits which can be maximized when applied directly to the skin. Soak your feet in all the glorious benefits of green tea extract in this healing, rejuvenating, and relaxing spa pedicure. This treatment includes a green tea soak, a mud pack, a therapeutic foot scrub and warming sugar scrub, a green tea hydrating and healing cream, and a 10 minute reflexology massage.
Paraffin Treatment   Callus Eliminator
Moisturizes the skin
Improves chapped skin
Great for hand and feet and beneficial for arthritic people.
Breaks down callus in 3-5 minutes
Penetrates deep into the skin and repairs dry, cracked,
and callused heels and feet.
Hot Stone Massage Foot Reflexology
Used to gently massage pressure points along the top
and bottom of your feet, helping to ease stress and
tension in the entire body.
An ancient technique that treats stress-related conditions
by stimulating each organ, body part, and gland through
the corresponding points in your feet.